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  1. I had to share this dog birthday cake with you, it's a German Pointer called Oliver!

    I was asked to make this cake for Oliver's owner, Ashley.

    Ashley spent his birthday with Oliver on a beach in Devon so I thought I'd decorate the cake board with a beachy theme. I also know that dog's love to dig in the sand so I left a little sand on the end of his nose!

    The cake is made from one 10" chocolate sponge filled with chocolate buttercream. The cake was hand carved and shaped from scratch (which you need patience for!). This took me up to 1.5 hours to get the shape I wanted. I then covered the cake with white fondant and sprayed the brown detail on using my new air spray gun...which I LOVE!!

    And here we have it, Oliver the German Pointer Dog Cake!

    I hope you like him too.


    olly-dog                                              12227741_802775683201672_977309043109171875_n