Wedding Cakes a selection of dreamy wedding cakes, all designs can be tweaked to suit your style and colours

Rosa striking 4 tier with delicate hand made rose ruffles, silver leaf and decorated with fresh flowers £600.00

Roman a buttercream textured finish in three different shades of grey complete with gorgeous peach flowers from £530

Mrs. Duke's ~ French Fancies ! a trio of french fancie wedding cakes with buttercream domes they aren't Mr. Kipling's, their Mrs.Duke's !

Abbey a gorgeous 4 tier with a marble base, complete with fresh flowers and an elegant river of blush pink ribbon £530.00

The Cotswolds 3 buttercream iced tiers, decorated with fresh flowers and specks of gold leaf £350.00

semi naked's we have a wide range of semi naked designs, they can be decorated with either fresh fruit, flowers or both. from £360 for 3 tiers

Field of daisies this little gem is full of surprises, look closely to see the secret door and cave from £415

Naked cakes 3 tiers from £360.00

Gorgeous in gold

De Vere "nevergrow up" ~ 4 traditional tiers with a gaming twist £550

Buttercream textured wedding cakes 3 tiers from £380.00

Stormy Waters a small 3 tier iced with watery shades of blues £350.00

The Clifton Suspension Bridge £415.00

Copper & Navy dessert table a selection of macaroons, mergingue kisses & wedding cake cookies

Cupcake towers from £250.00

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